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Preparation and Equipment

Equipment The Walk will be along established trails and dirt roads. There are, on the trails, stretches of rocky rubble and boggy mud. There are also changes in elevation, some of which could be considered steep by flatlanders. (“Flatlanders” is what local people affectionately call those not from the hill country.) For footwear, we recommend well-worn hiking boots that fit comfortably with thick socks. Some walkers prefer trail runners, which are more comfortable usually. Running shoes may be OK for the shorter distances. Do not wear sandals. In the “Photos of the route” in the Blog section of our website you will see examples of the route and can judge for yourself what would be the best footwear for you. It’s not particularly buggy in these parts, but most of us spray on some insect repellent because Lyme Disease has begun to appear. Some people use one or a pair of hiking sticks, which take some burden off the feet. Please bring a light backpack to carry supplies, like a rain poncho or other rain gear, water, a sweater, sunblock, bug spray, and food, like energy bars and trail mix. Waterproof sun hats are also good. Clothing: The weather in September could be warm or cold; it is unpredictable. Walkers should bring both shorts and T-shirts and long pants and warm shirts so they can decide either way on the mornings of the Walk. You may need your rain poncho, so bring it along. Cell service is available over some of the route, but it often disappears in the dips, and the signal is usually weak. Vans or other transportation will be positioned at certain points should anyone develop walking difficulties. Preparation The most important thing to do in advance is to make sure you have the right footwear (see above). Particularly if you are going on Track 1 (20+ miles over two days), it is recommended that you take several long walks in your pilgrimage boots or trail runners, maybe five miles or more, before the pilgrimage to see how it feels. This is also good advice for people on the 10- and 2.5-mile Tracks. It goes without saying that the more walking you do before the Walk, the easier the Walk will be. You should also be well-rested and in good enough health to undertake the Track that you have chosen. Your health condition is your own responsibility; we cannot be held responsible for any difficulties or injuries that you may incur.


What to Bring:

· Day pack

· Water in canteen

· Rain poncho

· Sun block

· Food: energy bars and something for lunch each day (e.g. sandwich)

· Tic and insect spray

· Hiking stick(s) (optional)

What We Provide:

· Water stops

· Latrines or outhouses at half-way and end points

· First Aid Kit

· Trail Guides to accompany groups

· Maps of route

· Transportation back to your car at the end of the walk

· Lifts by car along the way at certain points if you tire or fall behind

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